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Have you experienced trauma? Is the past impacting your today? Or just feeling overwhelmed, fearful or stuck?

   These experiences and feelings do have a direct impact on how you navigate your days.  And it interferes with your ability to see what is truly important and what you need to do to get back on course. If you're tired of being afraid or tired of being sick and tired.  If you have tried everything on your own to get back on track. It is time to seek assistance in moving your life forward. 

Therapy is one way to get your life back on track and moving in the right direction.

  Therapy can help you identify and replace the negative self talk. Short circuit the destructive thought pattern and help you to discover the truth and the lies you have been telling yourself.


If you're ready for a change please contact me for a free 10 to 15 minute phone consultation.   

                     Questions you may have:

What are the sessions like?

  The first session is history taking, finding out what you'd like to work on. Or what is impacting you from impacting your life today. Separating the lies from the truth. Then developing a plan for the following sessions. 

How can you help me? 

What makes me different is I meet you where ever your at.  You control the room, you will let me know what you want to work on. I am an active listener,  and an active participant in every session.